Welcome to the Coastal Arts Guild of CT

We show our work, learn from each other, spread our ideas to the community and share your goal:

to make art happen.

The Coastal Arts Guild of CT, based in Stratford, is a regional organization, welcoming artists, organizational and business partners to join us. We represent you: painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, artisans, writers and patrons who support each other in their work and who love to collaborate on community-oriented arts projects.

We organize four art shows a year in Connecticut, including Artists & Artisans in Paradise in Stratford, Conn.

  • Valentine's Day Boutique

Here are the results of the Making Art Monthly Challenge for January 2016:


Each month, CAGCT members are invited to create an original piece of art based on a theme, in ACEO format.

ACEO stands for “art cards, editions and originals. ” They are also called artist trading cards. These are miniature pieces of art measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches. They should be original pieces of work created for the theme.

Featured Guild Artists