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The Coastal Arts Guild of CT, based in Stratford, is a regional organization, welcoming artists, organizational and business partners to join us. We represent you: painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, artisans, writers and patrons who support each other in their work and who love to collaborate on community-oriented arts projects.

We organize four art shows a year in Connecticut, including our show Artists & Artisans in Paradise which has run for four years in Stratford, Conn. In 2018 we will introduce a new 2-day arts & makers show. Stay tuned!

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Featured Guild Artist

  • Featured Member: The Mighty Quinn Foundation

    Featured Member: The Mighty Quinn Foundation

    The Mighty Quinn Foundation is the 501c(3) behind the Stratford-based Shakespeare Academy @ Stratford, a summer theater program for college students; and the New Works Lab @ Stratford, a program to support playwrights and directors creating new writing. In 2016, …Read More »
  • Featured Artist Mick Theebs

    Featured Artist Mick Theebs

    Artist Mick Theebs: A Jack of All Arts This past week I was able to have a discussion with local artist Mick Theebs to discuss his works as well as other aspects of his life. His website ALSOTHAT.com showcases his works as well as several …Read More »

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