About the Guild

Coastal Arts Guild CT Logo Stratford CTThe Coastal Arts Guild of CT (formerly the Stratford Arts Guild) was created to support and foster the growth of the arts and cultural experiences in the Stratford, CT region. We do this through an organized arts collaborative. It is comprised of artists of all media, patrons of the arts, community organizations and businesses.

The Guild believes a community’s quality of life is enhanced by diverse and thriving cultural arts activity by the members of that community.

We also recognize the need to collaborate with other surrounding arts organizations. This is to further expose creative endeavors through an accessible network.

The CAG advocates access to the arts for all. We strive to develop opportunities for members to display or perform their artistic creations for the public’s enjoyment.

Coastal Arts Guild Members Art Show Stratford CTOur Mission:

The Coastal Arts Guild of CT is a collaboration of Artists and Friends of the Arts. All are dedicated to furthering artistic expression and appreciation of the arts in Stratford, CT and the surrounding region.

Membership Fees

Join the Guild now.  We support and promote artists, writers, musicians and creatives in the Stratford, CT area. If you love art, this is the place for you.

  • Artist – $35.00
  • Patron – $40.00
  • Family – $50.00
  • Organizational Memberships – For business or non-profit partnerships – $50 to $5,000


Connecticut Public Charity Exemption has been issued to:


35 Blakeman Place 
Stratford CT 06615

Charity Type:   EXEMPT

Credential Number:    CHR.0059810
 Status:    ACTIVE
Effective Date:   06/22/2016

Claimed exemption from registration does not expire.

Organizations must contact the Public Charities Unit when eligibility no longer exists, or if the address or email information on record changes.

FAX: (860) 706-1260   Email: dcp.publiccharities@ct.gov   Website: www.ct.gov/dcp