Teach Art Classes With Us

The Coastal Arts Guild of CT invites you to teach art classes with us.

Arts and creativity teachers may submit their suggestions of classes they would like to teach, in conjunction with the guild.

When you teach art classes through our guild, you will have the following support:

  • Our marketing and design team to create materials and promote the class
  • Our mailing list
  • Our social media outlets
  • Our volunteers, who support your class onsite
  • A photographer to record the class
  • A strategic plan for number of students, cost of materials, event planning and location
  • A percentage of the net earnings.

We are actively looking for art teachers (including master class instructors) in:

  • clay
  • watercolor
  • fiber
  • anime
  • oil painting
  • figure drawing
  • fiction writing
  • theatrical arts
  • And more.

ALL course suggestions are welcome.

Guild Class Teaching Interest Form

This form is for arts teachers to express interest in teaching a class or workshop through the Coastal Arts Guild of CT
  • (Include concepts for any classes you have not taught in the past but would like to develop.)
  • Base your choice on the overall cost of the the entire class.
  • Add a new row
    (Please list individually. Use the + sign at right to add more items.)
  • (Use "CTRL" or "Command" plus to choose more than one option.)
  • To share images of your work, resume, class descriptions, etc., please attach here.
    Drop files here or

Note: All teachers for the guild are asked to become a member.