6×6 4 Peace Call For Artists

6 x 6 4 PeaceThe Coastal Arts Guild of CT would like to announce a Call for Artists for a pop-up art show in August. We will be partnering with the Milford Arts Council and Middletown-based Artists For World Peace for their “6×6 4 Peace” wall of art.

The show will be:
Thursday, August 22 – Sunday August 25
at the Firehouse Gallery
81 Naugatuck Ave, Milford, CT.

Artists for World Peace Pop-Up Peace Wall. Click for larger image
Artists for World Peace Pop-Up Peace Wall. Click for larger image

Artists For World Peace organizes pop-up shows featuring walls of 6″ x 6″ canvases.

The canvases are donated by artists from all over the country (and sometimes beyond). They sell the canvases to raise money for humanitarian causes. The most recent initiative is Native Eyes which raises money for free glasses and eye care for residents of Native American communities (https://www.artistsforworldpeace.org/native-eyes).

To get your 6″ x 6″ canvas, complete the form below, or email Debbie Gilbert Taylor (treasurer@coastalartsguildct.com). The cost is $2/ea. We would love to have members and guests submit artwork for this show.

If you want to make additional 6×6 canvases, we will have canvases available for purchase at the May, June and July meetings. Bring exact change please. We can also take credit cards at the meetings; minimum purchase $10.00.

Please complete the registration form giving Artists for World Peace permission to sell your 6×6 canvases to raise money for their fundraising.

Deadline for completed canvases is Thursday, August 1.

Order your 6×6 canvases below. Minimum purchase: 5 canvases.

  • Once purchased, contact Debbie Gilbert Taylor to arrange pickup of your canvases. Minimum purchase: 5 canvases.

    Price: $2.00 Quantity: