Exhibitor Marketing Tips

The Coastal Arts Guild of CT wants you to have a successful show! Here are some ways that you can make the most of your investment. By following these marketing tips, you can make the most of your investment. By following these marketing tips, you’ll be taking a proactive role in selling your work.

Pre-Show prep:

  • Post the show on your website
  • Put a notice into your email signature block several weeks before the show
  • Once a week or so, post it to all your social media with a link for more information
  • Email blast it out (if you use an email program)
  • Create an email/mail signup sheet
  • Send personal invitations to anyone who is a good customer
  • Get a “square” or other onsite payment tool so you don’t lose sales if potential buyers don’t have the cash on hand
  • Bring a tall stool, so that when you are sitting, you’re still at eye level
  • Pack hand-held food that can be put away discretely. Potential customers can feel awkward if they think they’re interrupting your lunch.
  • If appropriate, consider having bags on hand to make it easy for your buyers and either staple your business card to the bag, or put some branded material inside the bag
  • Create/distribute a press release
  • Sign/tag all your work
  • Have great signage from all angles!
  • At the show:

  • Have plenty of business cards to hand out
  • Post a one page artist bio with your photo
  • Don’t place yourself next to a competitor (talk to event manager to get good spot)
  • Try not to sit for too long or look desperate
  • Have some kind of give-away or active involvement component at your space
  • Engage those who admire your work
  • Ask them to sign up for your email/mail list

Post-Show follow up:

  • Email/mail everyone a thank you for stopping by
  • Keep separate those who purchased for a special thank you
  • Follow up on your website, emails, blog, social media with photos of the exhibit, etc.
  • If you sold an important piece, do another press release.