Exhibitor Requirements for shows

Exhibit Requirements Information


Exhibit Fee payable via PayPal (supporting@coastalartsguildct.com)

Non-members must have their entries reviewed by a Coastal Arts Guild of CT panel prior to the exhibit. Call (203) 685-5348 in advance to set up a convenient appointment for non-member orientation. All entries must be original. No reselling of pre-made third party items will be allowed. If this requirement is violated, the Guild reserves the right to revoke the exhibition space without refund.


The exhibitor, or their authorized agent, must provide reasonable monitoring of their own works throughout the exhibit. The Coastal Arts Guild of CT is not responsible for loss or damage of personal property.

All art must be reasonably protected (glass, protective spray coating, glaze, etc.) and ready to hang. Covers, cases or bags to protect frames and artwork from damage during transport, set-up or take-down are recommended.

Special display stands/fixtures or transport/storage cases are the responsibility of the individual artist to provide. The exhibiting artist is responsible to “build in” adequate display protection from any contact by the viewing public attending the exhibit.

The conditions of liability shall be construed as an agreement between the artist and the Stratford Arts Guild upon the artist’s acceptance in the exhibit.


All hanging art should have reasonably STRONG hanging hardware (wire preferred). A secure exhibit mount should be able to withstand a mild gust of wind for outdoor events or withstand someone bumping into the display wall or framework. Stretched canvas need not be framed but STRONG WIRE is required. Frames are not strictly required, but art must be ready to hang. Exhibitors are solely responsible for their work’s display durability, especially during outdoor exhibits.


There is no limit to the number of entries. The Guild usually has limited exhibit space and will allow each exhibitor to display as many pieces as possible based on the number of exhibitors, entries and space available. Currently the space is a 4 x 8 foot lattice panel.

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