Paint Sample & Bottle

Paint, Sample & Bottle

Love Art & Wine?
A Winemaking and Painting Workshop

The Coastal Arts Guild of CT and the Wine Maker’s Boutique present a unique wine making and painting workshop in 2 sessions.

The Winemaker’s Boutique
Stationhouse Square,
2505 Main St.
Stratford, CT 06615

June workshop canceled: We’re taking the Summer off. We’ll see you in the Fall

Phone: 203-685-5348 or 203-923-8982
Email: or

  • Paint an original piece of art.
  • Create your own fine wine.
    • each student will receive 2 bottles from the whole batch
  • Label your wine with attractive, customized labels featuring your painting.

Session 1:
Wine-GlassMeet at the Winemaker’s Boutique where owner Bill Alletzhauser will conduct a wine tasting to decide what wine the class will make.

Following the wine tasting, art instructor Sally Head will lead the class in creating an original painting. The painting is structured but there’s plenty of room for YOUR creativity.

There will be a second wine tasting at the halfway point of the painting session, giving the students to get up and stretch. This second tasting will also be a chance to narrow down the variety of wine the class will make.

Once the paintings are complete, they will be collected to be photographed for the wine labels.

The winemaking session begins: Bill will lead the group into the workshop for a hands-on demonstration of the wine making process. Students are encouraged to participate.

Wine takes approximately 5 to 7 weeks to mature so the bottling and labeling will be scheduled for a second session.

session 2 (approximately 5 – 7 weeks later):
Arrive back at the Winemaker’s Boutique. The wine the group made will be bottled and corked. Your painting will be returned to you along with two labels for your wine featuring your masterpiece.

$75 per student.
Each student gets 2 wine tastings, their own original painting and 2 bottles of wine sporting labels with your masterpiece.