For November we will meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Please note, the officers of the board now meet on a separate date to discuss the business of, and the future of the Guild.

As the Guild’s activities have expanded, we needed to schedule a separate meeting to allow for adequate discussion for each item on the agenda. If any member wants to submit an idea, concern or recommendation for the board to discuss, use the form on this page and it will be added to the agenda. You may also request to attend the board meeting to personally present your topic to the board.

Connecticut artists guild meeting
General Meeting 7:00pm

For our November meeting we will be meeting at Open Door Tea in the Paradise Green section of Stratford So please check the latest updates on our Facebook page.

Two Roads Brewing Company

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Discussion of your artwork or works in progress
Do you have a piece of artwork you want to show? Are you are you working on a piece and feel stuck? Bring them in for a discussion or receive suggestions from your peers. This session will begin once the board briefs any members arriving at 7:15 on business or topics discussed during the board meeting.

Where will meeting changes be posted?

Rescheduled meetings take place on the following, or 2nd Tuesday of that month.

Rescheduling due to inclement weather, holiday, election or other important incidents will be announced by e-mail and posted on our facebook page.

For more information: 203-243-1756

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We like to know who is coming. Please take a moment to let us know if you can attend the meeting.